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LOUD. FAST. GIRTHY....Only one artist is accurately described by these three words, and that boi is NeoQor.


   Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Jace Covington, also known as NeoQor, brings with him a wave of fresh and varied rave flavor to the decks as a member of the newest generation of hard dance musicians. He can be heard bringing his special brand of "girthy" audio to clubs and raves big and small all over the United States, rocking crowds with devilishly playful, high-energy, and interactive performances.

   Though primarily focused on all things hardcore techno, NeoQor's sets and productions also draw influence from many styles in and outside of the umbrella of EDM, including hardstyle, eurodance, drum 'n' bass,  trance, R&B, pop punk, rock, and metal.

   Having worked with such names as S3RL and Zoe VanWest, and with music featured on Kutski's Keeping the Rave Alive podcast, NeoQor has already gained himself a reputation as one to watch among the front line of modern hard dance artists. Plus, with his newly-founded independent label, Qor Values, relentlessly firing out original after original (plus a notable body of remixes from artists like Ganah and Eufeion), NeoQor is demonstrating what happens when individuality meets unwavering tenacity and passion.

   As he continues to spread the gospel of LOUD, FAST and GIRTHY (read: thick, aggressive, bodacious), NeoQor seeks to inspire others by example to create a life worth loving, well outside of the norms dictated by modern society.